Donald at the Bat – Day 1336, Florida’s Vote (parody to ‘Mexican Hat Dance’)

Day 1336, Florida’s Vote  (1) 


Biden’s not doing well with Latinos,

Though he’s doing OK with los ninos,

Old Cubans who still resent Castro,

Are going with Trump over Joe.


They think Donald Trump is fascistic

And Biden might be socialistic.

And just might foment revolution.

And so Biden’s one they should shun.


They’ve had it with all these progressives

Who disposess selfish possessives,

They miss their rancheros

And hot habaneros,

And privileges that great wealth gives.


So attack!

Take them back!

Then stretch Fidel’s corpse on the rack!

We know LatinX is a mixture;

Old Cubans, a strong right wing fixture,

Not true of folks from Puerto Rico,

Or migrants from Old Mexico.


And then, if you throw in the Jewish,

Who, we know, mostly tend to vote bluish.

They’ll pump up the vote for Joe Biden

And that could mean Donald can’t win.


So, who to let vote is a puzzle

As well as the ones they should muzzle,

When there’s an election,

This complex cross-section

Makes votes closer than candidates wish. 


It’s insane!

But campaign!

Though it gives everyone a migraine!

If there’s not too much voter suppression,

(The Republican’s standard transgression,)

And the right-wing militias don’t torment,

Then Biden will be president.


(1)  May be sung to the melody of Jarabe Tapatico,“The Mexican Hat Dance,”

which originated in Guadalajara in the 19th century.  The best known melody was composed by Jesus Gonzalez Rubio in the 19th century.  The arrangement used today evolved in about 1920.  Alan Sherman did a delightful parody in the 1960s. A full history may be found on WikiPedia.