Donald at the Bat – Day 1335 (no 1334), Settin’ the Woods on Fire (parody to “Settin’ the Woods on Fire” by Hank Williams)

Day 1335, Settin’ the Woods on Fire  (1)


Earth is hot and getting hotter;

(That’s how Trump describes his daughter.)

You’re distraught and I’m distraughter,

For we’re setting the woods on fire.

Climate change, accelerating,

Science says there’s no debating.

Why is Donald Trump berating

States that have their woods on fire?


Trump says that if we raked the woods, there’d be no fuel to burn.

The fact the West is hot and dry, that is not Trump’s concern.


Skies are red and getting redder,

Climate change a fire spreader,

Getting worse, not getting better.

It is setting the woods on fire.


(Instrumental break)


Ocean temperatures are growing;

Down South, hurricanes are blowing;

River dikes are overflowing;

Storm surge makes our cities flood.

Trump says soon it will get chilly;

Scientists are being silly;

Just move someplace where it’s hilly;

You won’t have to fear a flood.


Trump tells us that it’s all a hoax; the scientists don’t know.

As Trump denies reality, we all watch his nose grow.


Trump is courting votes of crackers,

Kisses ass of big oil backers,

Says, “Burn fossil fuels from frackers,”

We’ll keep setting those woods on fire.


(1)   May be sung to “Settin’ the Woods on Fire,” by Hank Williams, 1953