Donald at the Bat – Day 1333, Global Warming

Day 1333, Global Warming


Corona virus will not wane;

The western forests are aflame;

The Gulf breeds one more hurricane;

Trump says Joe Biden is to blame.


The problem is, whom to believe,

The science or Trump’s GI tract.

We know that Trump’s gut may deceive

And global warming is a fact.


Trump says that science doesn’t know

And global warming will cool down.

But, as we’re watching Trump’s nose grow,

The west will burn; the south will drown.


As Trump denies reality,

Disease grows; storms blow; forests burn.

His lies surpass venality.

And scientists’ intestines churn.


Yes, Donald, global warming’s real,

Though you have labeled it “a hoax.”

You’ve claimed that Covid’s no big deal,

As it is killing your base folks.


Trump craves big rallies and the cheers

Of maskless crowds that shout his praise.

Applause is music to his ears,

But, as crowds shout, more Covid sprays.


Through pestilence and flood and fire,

Trump cannot lead, but just divide.

The situation now is dire—

To follow Trump is suicide.


Trump’s strategy: attack, attack,

And always try to shift the blame.

The lies he tells: we can’t keep track.

If Trump remains, expect the same.