Donald at the Bat -Day 1337, Peace Pact

Day 1337, Peace Pact 


The UAE and Israel and Bahrain signed a pact,

Excluding Palestinians, who feel the deck is stacked.

When Egypt, Jordan, UAE, and Bahrain sign a deal

Ignoring Palestinians, imagine how they feel.


The Sunnis’ common enemy: the Shiites in Iran,

Who also threaten Israel, so is it Bibi’s plan,

Through unity, to make an economic powerhouse

And cage the Palestinians, just like a pesky mouse?


Our “crown prince,” Jared Kushner, got all parties to agree.

They signed out on the White House lawn, with everyone mask-free.

 And Donald Trump presided, with his photo-op twofold:

World leader thumbing nose at science—for his base—pure gold.


Will Saudis be the next to sign, since Trump likes MBS?

Since Saudis hate Iranians, that’s not too wild a guess.

No peace with Palestinians and none we can forsee,

For both sides see their country as “the river to the sea.”  (1)


Annexing the west Bank makes Bibi’s problems multiply.

Add Muslim, Christian citizens—the Jewish state will die.

If they’re not made new citizens, there’s no democracy.

So, Jewish state?  Democracy?  A pipe dream fallacy?


A deal like this makes Middle East stability increase.

The problem still remains; stability is not yet peace.

Untamed Iran and Hezbollah, of course the Taliban,

Are all threats to a lasting peace; so Jared, what’s your plan?


(1)   “The river to the sea,” the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea.  Both Jews and Muslims think that God gave the general area of Israel and Palestine to their own people.  Start at Genesis 12 and read the story of Abraham.  You can make a strong argument that Yahweh gave the land to both of them because the Jews descend from Abraham’s son, Jacob (Israel) and the Arabs descend from his other son: Ishmael.  The argument over this point will never cease.