Donald at the Bat Day 1330, Woodward’s Tapes

Day 1330, Woodward’s Tapes 


Bob Woodward flung more feces at the fan,

Some eighteen tape recordings of The Man,

Of Donald Trump admitting that he knew

That Covid 19’s deadlier than flu.


Trump knew it February of this year

But, to avoid the panic and the fear,

He would, “downplay” the risk (translation: lie.)

Does he think we’re not panicked that we’ll die?


Trump told Bob Woodward that he would downplay

The viral threat; it would just “go away.”

Instead he hopes suburban whites will fear

That dark-skinned folks will soon be drawing near.


In total cases, total deaths, we’re worst.

But Trump speaks like his bubble hasn’t burst.

He tells us of the great job he has done;

I guess the worst, in one way’s “number one.”


He knows that Covid is spread through the air.

Why then, is a mask something he won’t wear?

He even tells reporters, “Take yours off.”

To worship God, on Sundays, he plays golf.


Will he lose voters from his loyal base?

No, they don’t mind if he lies to their face.

They do not mind that he cheats on his wives,

Though, with his lies, he costs his base their lives.


Are soldiers, “losers, suckers,” when they die?

Another comment Donald must deny.

Will feces Woodward flung into the fan

Now finally blow back upon The Man?