Donald at the Bat – Day 1329, Trump’s Official Duty

Day 1329, Trump’s Official Duty


It is Trump’s official duty

To deny he’s chasing booty

And tell us of the type that he might rape.

That’s why William Barr’s contending

Donald Trump is worth defending,

While legal scholars’ mouths all hang agape.           


Trump is facing civil action

For a serious infraction,

Attempted rape in Bergdorf Goodman’s store.

It’s just one of many brewing,

For the Donald has been screwing

Playmates, porn stars….God knows how many more.


Donald must avoid discovery

For there may be no recovery

From witnesses and maybe, DNA.

He must give a deposition,

Tell the truth, an imposition,

Interfering with TV time each day.


Once more, Barr is interfering

In a case that Trump is fearing,

That shows him standing with pants at half-mast.

Donald Trump got an erection;

Wearing William as protection.

Though Bill Barr’s legal reason is half-assed.


So, we’ll see if judges buy it,

Scholars say they should deny it,

To let Bill Barr be Donald Trump’s defense.

Trump’s past is octopussy,

Chasing women, grabbing pussy,

That DOJ defends this, makes no sense.