Donald at the Bat – Day 1328, Campaign Cash

Day 1328, Campaign Cash


The Trump campaign is short of cash;

Joe Biden’s camp has more.

Trump had a billion dollar stash

But it flew out the door.

A hundred billion here and there—

See how the money flows.

And now the cupboard’s almost bare,

With Trump, that’s how it goes.


The Donald filed for bankruptcy

At least five times, we’ve read.

Mismanagement, insolvency,

Whenever Trump has led.

High salaries, expensive rent

In their fundraising scheme,

Was overhead unwisely spent,

And now, they’re losing steam.


They’ve spent a lot to praise their boy

And denigrating Joe.

It seems this was an unwise ploy,

As unchanged polls now show.

So Trump’s attacking Joes comrade,

But Kamala is smart.

Her poise shows us that she has had

Trump’s number from the start.


Trump’s spending hasn’t changed the polls;

No voters’ minds have changed.

Is that a funeral bell that tolls?

Trump’s getting more deranged.

The mail-in vote, the suburb scare,

No tactic seems to work.

Corona virus everywhere….

And, Donald’ Trump’s a jerk.


So Donald’s personality

And his incompetence

Reduce his popularity,

Except among the dense.

They’re not enough for him to win;

Trump knows he has to cheat.

And, that’s the way Trump’s always been.

Now, will he taste defeat?