Donald at the Bat – Day 1331, Herd Immunity

Day 1331, Herd Immunity 


Shout, “Hip, hooray!” for herd immunity,

When we may go forth with impunity.

But what is the cost of achieving it?

The cost in lives of believing in it?


Doctor Scott Atlas, radiologist,

Is not an epidemiologist.

Immunity by infecting the herd

Is costly in lives, or hasn’t he heard?


Sweden tried it and saw their death rate soar

Some ten-fold higher than Norway, next door.

Economic contraction, nearly the same,

Immunity this way, a deadly game.


So, we know the cost of Atlas’ advice,

When he tells the Donald, “Just roll the dice,”

Striking Trump’s gut right, so he believes it.

Remember, Trump’s gut is half full of shit.