Donald at the Bat – Day 1319, Donald Can’t Lead

Day 1319, Donald Can’t Lead 


The Donald can’t lead but only divide.

Mitch cannot legislate, only obstruct.

Neither one cares for the black men who died.

Their speeches mislead; they do not instruct.


With Mitch in the Senate, Trump gets to rule,

No voting on bills the House has just passed;

Neither fears voters; they’re easy to fool.

Mitch leading the Senate makes it half-assed.


Trump creates chaos for his benefit,

Stirs up race hatred, stokes white racial fears.

When black people protest, Trump throws a fit:

Coded dog whistles the racist ear hears.


Black men are shot down, racism’s bequest.

Trump sees the marches and street protests grow.

Athletes have cancelled their games in protest.

Donald’s response is “their ratings are low.”


Trump thinks his gut rumblings outweigh the facts.

Racism’s useful, something to exploit.

It benefits him to denigrate blacks.

Cooking up white fright: at that he’s adroit.


Trump voters don’t wear masks: Covid immune?

But science is true, believe it or not.

Red staters are dying; more will die soon,

From fatal ignorance, that they’ve all caught.


The Covid pandemic; we’re hit the worst.

Bullshit can’t handle the Covid 19.

In cases and deaths, our country is first.

Yet some still support Trump.  What does that mean?