Donald at the Bat – Day 1318 When Faith Rules (parody to Rock of Ages)

Day 1318, When Faith Rules (1)


Trump, the Diabolical,

Fools the evangelicals,

Holds the Bible in the air,

Doesn’t practice what is there.

Yet they’re still supporting him;

So, we ask, “What’s wrong with them?”


To be evangelical,

Thinking must be magical.

Donald sees this as a chance

To give them a song and dance.

He lies with impunity.

They grant him immunity.


Donald is heretical

But the evangelicals

Think a new Messiah’s come.

Where the Hell did that come from?

Since they value the unborn,

They’re sheep waiting to be shorn.


Donald is unethical

But the evangelicals,

Used to leaders, who are crooks,

Don’t give that a second look.

When faith is allowed to rule,

You’re much easier to fool.


(1)  May be sung to “Rock of Ages.”  Some of the rhymes are imperfect but “Rock of Ages” also has some.