Donald at the Bat – Day 1317, Trump’s Speech

Day 1317, Trump’s Speech


Donald had a big crowd for his show;

When Trump speaks, the superlatives flow.

He’s the biggest, the greatest, the best.

With the Donald, we’ve been heaven blessed.

The whole world will soon bow at his feet,

Once Joe Biden tastes bitter defeat.


The pandemic has practically ceased;

There is peace through the whole Middle East;

The economy’s roaring again;

We should thank Donald Trump for the win.

With such verses, he fracked from his ass,

Trump concluded the TNC mass.


He will lower our taxes once more,

Send in troops to stop looting and gore.

Biden-Harris must not be allowed

To win office and spread their black cloud,

For, our suburbs will not be secure.

Donald Trump in charge—the only cure.


Trump has right-wing, religious support;

Two conservatives put on the court,

Should assure that abortion is blocked.

So, who cares if the Donald has mocked

All commandments and ethics of God.

(Evangelicals don’t mind a fraud.)


Donald Trump speaks and history’s revised.

He’s a cancer that must be excised.

When he’s gone, we are still left with us.

There’s a hell of a lot to discuss.

For our character flaws were revealed:

Painful therapy ‘til we are healed.