Donald at the Bat – Day 1316, Is God Pissed?

Day 1316, Is God Pissed? 


Pandemics and forest fires, now hurricanes,

Do these suggest our Creator is pissed?

Protesters set fires and smashed window panes;

One more black man shot, add Blake to the list.  (1)


Shot by the police, seven times in the back,

We’ve seen on the news, cell phone video.

Seven times in the back—because he is black?

Do Black Lives Matter?  Will Donald say so?


“Law and order!”  Trump cries.  “Keep our cities safe.”

When fires burn and store window panes break,

Housewives in the suburbs should fear they’re unsafe.

Is that the view Donald Trump wants to take?


Trump did not condemn what caused protests to start:

Shooting and killing black men by police.

Professional sports leagues are doing their part;

No games as usual: murders must cease.


Both Jared and Donald condemned this protest.

(Rich men can afford to miss a day’s work.)

And it was quite clear that the Donald was stressed.

He was exposed as an unfeeling jerk.


“Joe Biden’s America will not be safe.”

So says the Donald and his TNC.  (2)

Though it’s Trump’s America that is unsafe,

Due to his own racist petulancy?


If one wants law and order, smother the spark.

Then windows won’t break and cities won’t burn.

Try not shooting people because skins are dark.

Or maybe, is that not Donald’s concern?


(1)  Jacob Blake, unarmed, shot by police on August 23, 2020 in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

(2)  As previously noted: the RNC has become the TNC.