Donald at the Bat – Day 1315, The Trappings of Power

Day 1315, The Trappings of Power 


The trappings of power, the power of fear,

What Donald Trump thinks of his base: pretty clear.

Denial of science, the science of fraud,

The narcissist’s tools as he strives to be god.


Trump lives on the falsehood; the falsehood his sword,

That drives all the ethicists out of their gourd.

Distorting the data, his data BS,

With sycophant followers, key to success.


Since Trump is mendacious, with mendacious words,

He has all his followers swallowing turds.

Mining the gullible, the gullible mind,

Has been a goldmine for the Donald to find.


He’s for law and order; law and order when

People march in protest when cops shoot black men.

People protest shootings, shootings, knees on necks.

But when you break windows, that’s what Trump protects.


His minions sing praises; their praises disguise

Incompetent leadership, founded on lies.

They’re stirring up grievance, and grievances bait

The racists and bigots to cultivate hate.


His base is deluded, deluded and dense.

And that may include folks as high as Michael Pence.

Delusion’s contagious, contagion that spreads

Like the Covid 19 (not everyone dreads.)


Denying what’s factual, “the facts are a hoax,”

Is most often heard from Trump’s base voter folks.

So, now look at the map, the map of disease,

For it’s in Trump country, disease spreads with ease.


So RNC speakers, the speakers Trump chose,

All tell us their emperor’s wearing fine clothes.

You have to be blind though, blind and deaf and dumb,

To think they’re not lying, with more lies to come.