Donald at the Bat – Day 1314, The RNC Convention

Day 1314, The RNC Convention 


The platform of the RNC is Trump.

Trump’s second term agenda is just Trump.

If Democrats should win this fall, beware,

For black and brown folks may walk everywhere.


The RNC all sing in praise of Trump;

And Trump speaks every night in praise of Trump.

The speakers sing hosannas just to him.

Joe Biden’s presidency would be grim.


Our emperor and pope is Donald Trump,

The cult of personality of Trump.    

The RNC is now the TNC,

All Trumpists now, with unquenched ardency.


It’s wrong when science disagrees with Trump.

To win against the Covid, follow Trump.

If we had listened and took chloroquine,

And shot up Lysol, Trump would score a win.


If you vote absentee, that’s fine with Trump.

To vote by mail’s a way of cheating Trump.

The absentee vote’s always been unflawed.

To vote by mail is just too ripe for fraud.


The capital of Israel’s due to Trump.  (1)

We moved our embassy, thanks just to Trump.

The Jews owe Donald everything they’ve got.

Forget the synagogues where they were shot.


To save our monuments, we’ll vote for Trump,

And white supremacy, we’ll vote for Trump.

We sense advantages that ebb away,

Which means there’s not much more we need to say.


(1)  “We moved the capital of Israel to Jerusalem.”Donald Trump, 08/17/2020. Not quite.  Israel declared Jerusalem to be its capital in July, 1980.