Donald at the Bat – Day 1320, Who Can Fix the Mess?

Day 1320, Who Can Fix the Mess?


Cops shoot unarmed black men and riots ensue,

Provoking the question of what we should do.

Trump says that Joe Biden will bring lawlessness.

Can only Trump save us from Donald Trump’s mess?

That sounds just like something Trump cultists would say:

That Donald Trump giveth; Trump taketh away.


It seems that we humans are easy to fool,

And not only those who did poorly in school.

When someone’s in charge and things all go to hell,

If he stays in charge, would things start to go well?

That’s the exact argument Trumpists all make.

If you value logic, you’ll get a headache.


Trump cries, “Law and order!”  Protests benefit

The Donald’s position.  He cares not a whit

For those aggrieved or for those who are scared.

Trump’s the only one for whom Trump’s ever cared.

He’s helping us throw ourselves under the bus.

Now we’ve met the enemy and he is us.