Donald at the Bat – Day 1310, Steve Bannon’s Indictment

Day 1310, Steve Bannon’s Indictment 


Steve Bannon used the Donald’s Wall as his GoFundMe source.

He stole cash from the MAGA folks, which is a crime, of course.

They thought that they’d help build a wall, instead Steve’s cash on hand,

Embezzled from donations, swelled more than nine hundred grand.


And now, Steve’s been indicted: wire fraud, money laundering,

With twenty years on each, the sentence for such plundering.

If he’s convicted, he will do time in the federal pen,

Unless of course, the Donald wields his pardon pen again.


Perhaps Steve will cooperate; he knows a lot of sleeze.

It will be interesting to see on whom Steve Bannon pees.

Perhaps he’ll be a stoic, like ignoble Roger Stone. (1)

One might suspect though, that Steve Bannon won’t go down alone.


Trump kept his distance from the deal, or didn’t; take your pick.

He hasn’t talked with Bannon, or has: Schrödinger’s cat trick.  (2)

That’s Donald’s usual strategy: “I hardly knew the guy.”

And so, when asked about Steve Bannon, we knew Trump would lie.


All Trump’s associates set records: those still out on bail,

Indicted and convicted and for time they spend in jail.

The Donald says, “Obama spied…” (not one indictment there.)

No, we are seeing Donald’s criminality laid bare.


Can Biden-Harris slay the dragon Donald represents?

It’s not just Trump’s dishonesty but his incompetence

That threatens all our safety and democracy as well.

Should Donald Trump dwell in the White House or a prison cell?


(1)  Roger Stone’s sentence was commuted by Trump for keeping his mouth shut about what he knew.

(2)  Schrödinger’s cat: a thought experiment about the randomness of radioisotope decay. A cat in a box with a radioactive isotope that would be killed by a radioactive decay could be both alive and dead at the same time.  You won’t know until you open the box. Look it up.  Erwin Schrödinger won the Nobel Prize in physics in 1933.