Donald at the Bat – Day 1311, Smart Women

Day 1311, Smart Women 


To stand up to the Donald, it seems testicles don’t help;

It seems that you need ovaries to make the Donald yelp.

It’s women standing up to Trump; now Kamala’s at bat.

First she’ll demolish Michael Pence, then Donald after that.


Trump thinks of women just one way; they’re “A and T” to him.  (1)

And, shamefully, a lot of men are singing the same hymn.

But women are as smart as men (that’s not too high a bar.)

In fact, to get below it is more difficult, by far.


Republican male senators all cower before Trump.

That’s also true of female senators who kiss his rump.

But Democratic women shake the Donald to his core.

Trump thinks of Kamala and sweat pours out of every pore.


Why is standing up to Donald, now considered women’s work?

For surely educated men see Armageddon lurk.

The selfish rich all play along while adding to their hoard.

And evangelicals sing praises as if Trump were Lord.


Smart women’s criticisms make the Donald come unglued.

In fact, he calls all criticism,  “nasty, crude, and rude.”

His sycophants all sing along as Pence directs the choir.

The sole criterion to join: to be a willing liar.


Will women bring the Donald down or drive him up the wall?

Oh, wait!  It isn’t built yet; Mexico will not play ball.

So, ladies, keep the pressure up; watch Trump disintegrate.

Keep pushing ‘til November third; then we can celebrate.


(1)  “A and T,” a bowdlerization to make these verses fit for the whole family.