Donald at the Bat – Day 1309, DNC Convention

Day 1309, DNC Convention 


They’ve nominated Kamala; Obama gave a speech.

Trump’s raging tweets in ALL CAPS were his version of a screech.

Obama’s speech was eloquent; he warned us of the threat

Of four more years of Donald Trump, dictatorship in reach.


And Kamala was wonderful; we know Trump feels the threat.

The Biden-Harris ticket has the Donald wet with sweat.

Tonight will be Joe Biden’s night to tell us what he’ll do

And say, with Trump left at the helm, how much worse things will get.


Joe Biden has experience; he knows what he must do,

For Donald hasn’t grown; check that, we all know his nose grew.

His singular accomplishment was tax cuts for the rich.

Next year, will Donald’s picture hang with his convicted crew?


You cannot run a country with concern just for the rich.

Big tech stocks have been shooting up; the rest are in a ditch.

Trump’s management of Covid shows complete incompetence.

It’s clear we have an emperor who’s wearing not a stitch.


Most cases and most deaths from Covid: Trump’s incompetence

Is killing us, both right and left; we’ve lost all confidence.

He won last time with Russian help and they’ll collude again.

Just what does Putin have on Trump to cause subservience?


Trump needed Russian help last time and he’ll need it again.

The polls all show Trump losing, numbers Donald tries to spin.

We’re watching Trump disintegrate; word salad when he speaks,

Attacking the Post Office, he’ll do anything to win.


We’re seeing Trump disintegrate in tweets and when he speaks.

He senses his comeuppance coming in just ten short weeks.

And will the Senate sink with him; will rats jump off his ship?

Will smearing Joe and Kamala suffice to plug the leaks?