Donald at the Bat – Day 1308, Collusion

Day 1308, Collusion 


The report of the Senate Committee

On Intelligence, (it’s GOP led,)

Has been published and it isn’t pretty,

It shows the Donald and Russians in bed.


In our election of 2016,

As we have learned from the Mueller Report,

Gross interference by Russians was seen,

Which Trump has denied and tried to distort.


As we read their thousand page document,

They confirmed all that Bob Mueller had found.

And, they add, Trump worked with Vlad’s government,

All the evidence, well-founded and sound.


Now, look up how “to collude” is defined.

“To have a secret, to share in a scheme.”  (1)

Unless you can’t read, or if you are blind,

Collusion is clear; the facts simply scream.


Consider what “useful idiots” are;

Unwitting agents spymasters employ.

Pat them on the head, tell them they’re a star;

They’ll do what you want; they will be your toy.


Putin may also employ “Kompromat.” (2)

Usually money, or sex sewer swill,

If Putin has either, then he has got

His “useful idiot,” who’ll do his will.                 


Of course, Trump denies it, but it is clear,

That he colluded and did it to win.

And here is evidence that we should fear:

Vlad Putin and Trump will do it again.


(1)  Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary

(2)  Kompromat, Russian term for “compromising material.”