Donald at the Bat – Day 1307, Biden vs Trump

Day 1307, Biden vs Trump 


Joe Biden is a mensch and Donald Trump is just a schmuck.

Joe Biden runs a grocery store; Trump drives a garbage truck.

Joe Biden’s known for making gaffes and Trump is known for lies.

The fact that Joe leads in the polls is therefore no surprise.


The Donald hates all expertise; Joe Biden seeks the best.

Trump just relies on sycophants while thumping on his chest.

Joe Biden is a family man but, in Trump’s repertoire…

Right after his wife had a baby, Trump screwed a porn star.


Joe Biden cares for others while we know that Trump does not.

Joe Biden is for voting rights, against which Trump has fought.

Joe Biden works across the aisle; Trump can’t cooperate.

Trump only knows how to divide and to annihilate.


Joe Biden is a man of faith; Trump loves himself and cash.

Joe takes responsibility; Trump asks, “Who can I bash?”

We’ve seen that Joe is competent, while Trump can’t tie his shoes,

And, now that voters understand, the polls show Trump will lose.


So, here we go; the Democrats are starting their campaign.

Their Zoom convention runs all week; Trump will watch and complain.

They’re emphasizing unity, all races and all creeds,

Which, after Trump’s divisiveness, is what our nation needs.


Some prominent Republicans told why they’re dumping Trump.

Then Joe’s primary rivals joined the chorus: “Trump’s a chump!”

Michelle Obama gave him the unkindest cut of all,

“Trump’s simply not up to the job.  Vote Biden in the fall.”


Trump held a rival rally, not a mask seen in the crowd.

(Coronavirus loves it when we’re stupid and we’re loud.)

So Trump’s example was just what the Democrats all charge:

That things will go from bad to worse if Trump remains at large.


Today’s the anniversary of women’s right to vote.  (1)

And now, it’s women who will likely dump Trump off the boat.

Misogyny and racist tropes, we’ve all heard Trump repeat,

May satisfy his bigots but will lead to his defeat.


(1)  Amendment XIX, final ratification, August 18, 1920.