Donald at the Bat – Day 1302, Trump Attacks Kamala

Day 1302, Trump Attacks Kamala 


Trump needs help smearing Kamala, (vocabulary small.)

With eloquence unreachable, he throws words at the wall.

He hopes to find insults that stick, insults his stock in trade.

From what he tweets and says so far, he’s flailing and afraid.


He needs to stimulate his base with words at his command,

With words that Donald can pronounce and base will understand.

He uses the racism ploy, misogyny as well, (1)

Black women though, some white ones too, are getting mad as hell.


She’s “mean” and “nasty;” look at how she flummoxed William Barr,

Was “horrible” to Kavanaugh; she boiled him in hot tar.

She’s “angry,” “disrespectful,” the “most liberal” of them all,

And, “too ambitious” for a woman, Trump’s brain in free fall.


He calls her, “phony Kamala” and Biden, “sleepy Joe.”

“Projection,” say psychiatrists; a term Trump doesn’t know.

Attributing one’s faults to others, how the word’s defined,

For Trump’s a fraud and “slow of study,” tragic when combined.  (2)


 So, Donald flails and tweets and rails; smart women drive him nuts.

White female, college graduates all think that Trump’s a putz. (3)

Will “housewives of suburbia” fall for his racist slur?

(Poor people [black] will move in, making neighborhoods impure.) (4)


Ms. Harris is no Palin, not a liability.

And Pence pales in comparison: sole asset, loyalty.

Trump’s left with hurling insults at her gender and her hue.

But Kamala’s too smart for him and she knows what to do.


And lastly, birtherism’s back: her parents, immigrants,

The way Trump first attacked Barack, with brightly flaming pants.

Now minions hurl such charges, of a grade school level class,

But Kamala is on to Trump; she’ll prosecute his ass.


(1)  A word like “misogyny” is all Greek to Donald.

(2)  Snug, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Act 1: Scene 2, William Shakespeare.

(3)  Putz, another Yiddishism.  Freely translated, a “dick.”

(4)  Trump tweet on August 12, 2020, after Joe Biden picked Kamala Harris as his running mate.  “Corey Booker” (sic) would administer the program of invasion of the (white) suburbs by poor (black or brown) people.