Donald at the Bat – Day 1301, Kamala for VP

 Day 1301, Kamala for VP 


It’s Kamala!  It’s Kamala!

Joe Biden just picked Kamala!

Her brain, first rate, great in debate,

Her step kids call her, “Momala.” (1)


 Smart senator, sharp scimitar,

A Trump and Pence term limiter.

When her sharp wit cuts through bullshit,

She’ll eat Pence like the soup du jour.


The press all swarm, as is the norm,

(Of course Fox tries to misinform.)

And poor Mike Pence is feeling tense,

For he can sense the coming storm.


“She was my pick; she was my pick.”

Thus blustered Trump, his usual shtick. (2)

But he’s afraid, downright dismayed.

He’ll smear the lies and bullshit thick.


The Trump campaign can feel the pain;

His tweets will fall like toxic rain.

Though he’ll pretend it’s not the end,

Both he and Pence swirl ‘round the drain.


Historic choice, a black Rolls Royce,

Black female voters, with one voice,

All join in song, a mighty throng,

Sing, “Hallelujah!  Let’s rejoice!”


Racists unite, they’re in a fight.

Black women challenge their birthright.

A huge earthquake, foundations shake,

Tsunami coming, feel its might.


(1)  A Yiddish diminutive, equivalent to “mommy,” that fortuitously rhymes.  Her husband is Jewish.

(2)  Another Yiddishism, used to denote an act in show business.  Shtick derives from the German noun, Stūck, a piece or part.