Donald at the Bat – Day 1303, Trump Attacks the Post Office

Day 1303, Trump Attacks the Post Office


Trump is withholding postal funds to stop the mail-in vote.

Now Trump has drawn and waved his guns; will we just let him gloat?

The postal board that works for him, had made the funds request.

But Donald is ignoring them, he openly confessed.


Trump’s new postmaster, Lou DeJoy, is slowing down the mail.

It’s calculated to destroy and make Joe Biden fail.

And why?  We know DeJoy owns stock, so if he wrecks the Post,

His companies will be a lock to profit, coast to coast.


Remove machines that sort the mail and cancel overtime,

Assuring mail moves like a snail and can’t arrive on time.

Prescription meds arriving late may cost some folks their lives.

Not caring is Trump’s well-known trait, as long as Donald thrives.


If Trump can win another term; DeJoy rakes profits in.

Trump’s grip on power will be firm; we’ll see Vlad Putin grin.

Can Trump subvert our right to vote, with tactics greased with slime?

Will we let this be all she wrote, just sit and watch a crime?