Donald at the Bat – Day 1290, Continue the Fight

Day 1290, Continue the Fight 


John Lewis was marching against our crimes;

Yet we arrested him forty five times.

We fractured his skull; we put him in jail,

Willing to bleed but unwilling to fail.


Civil rights, voting rights, black president,

Were his accomplishments, what his life meant.

His last words to us: continue the fight;

Never give up in the fight for the right.


Our scriptures say we’re all children of God,

Brothers and sisters, so isn’t it odd,

That some think our brothers should be enslaved?

Why can’t we all see such thoughts are depraved?


Black slavery was our original sin;

We bought, sold, and whipped both women and men.

Although a war would bring that to an end,

The hate still remains, we’ve that yet to mend.


Civil rights, voting rights, all were withheld,

For one hundred years, such crimes were upheld.

Men like John Lewis were willing to die

To make “land of the free,” not stay a lie.


Our Founding Fathers had drawn a design

Men like John Lewis put lives on the line.

To make that plan real, must brave ones still bleed?

How many must bleed until we succeed?


John Lewis marched against our racist crimes;

Yet, we arrested him forty five times.