Donald at the Bat – Day 1291, Your Right to an Opinion

Day 1291, Your Right to an Opinion 


Your right to your opinion does not mean that you are right.

Our anti-maskers will not yield; some even want to fight.

If you go with your gut, remember what your gut contains.

Some “gutters,” (Louie Gohmert) don’t come inside when it rains.


So Donald Trump and Louie Gohmert: they make quite a pair.

Bald head or blonde comb-over, look inside; there’s nothing there.

We put these two in office; now we reap what we have sown.

Pandemics need wise management; they can’t; we should have known.


For Donald’s always been a fraud in business and a cheat.

And Louie makes Jim Jordan look smart; that is quite a feat.

A president and congressman, both cannot analyze,

For Donald, it is even worse; for he can’t organize.


The Donald told us Covid 19 would just disappear.

A hundred fifty thousand corpses later, it is clear

That Donald’s thinking does not go beyond the simple tweet;

The virus is still spreading; there’s no hint of its retreat.


And now, a hurricane is brewing, Florida in line.

It looks like God is mad at us and this is one more sign.

The governor mismanaged Covid; this adds to his tasks.  (1)

Will citizens crowd into shelters without wearing masks?


So Donald, Louie, and DeSantis cannot lead or think.

They’re guided by Trump’s GI tract and we can smell the stink.

Opinions, anti-science: free speech says we must permit.

But, we are paying with our lives because they’re full of shit.


(1)  Governor Ron DeSantis (R) Florida, a Trump sycophant.