Donald at the Bat – Day 1289, Louis Gohmert’s Positive

Day 1289, Louie Gohmert’s Positive


Republican Gohmert, of Texas,

As dumb as a bucket of rocks,

Is coping, as Covid infects us,

By following ravings of crocks.

He’s maskless, as Donald directs us,

Eschewing all warnings from docs.


So, Louie excoriates science,

With comments outrageous and mean,

A “master” of witless defiance,

Of what data, charts, and graphs mean.

But now, he pays for non-compliance,

For Louie caught Covid 19.


His nitwit, nonsense explanation

For how Louie caught his disease:

A mask must have caused concentration

Of particles spread on the breeze.

Yes, really, that’s his explication:

A mask did it and Trump agrees.


We should not make fun of the witless;

They’re victims, not really to blame.

They’re trying to play baseball mittless;

Their fielding will always be lame.

The same, if one always goes hitless,

They just don’t belong in the game.


Since Louie’s a big Bible thumper,

Not well-versed in public hygiene,

He threw in his lot with the humper

Of Stormy, the well-known porn queen,

Resulting in one more dumb Trumper,

Infected by Covid 19.


For “stupid,” a picture of Louie

Is there, when you look up the word.

The speeches he gives are just hooey,

But now Louie might be deterred,

For, Covid just told Louie, “Phooey!

“You haven’t the brains of a bird.”