Donald at the Bat – Day 1288, Trump Is Reverting to Form

Day 1288, Trump Is Reverting to Form 


With Donald reverting to form,

Including to praise chloroquine,

And, Texas now hit by a storm,

Oh god, what a mess we are in!


Trump finally admitted a mask

Would help to slow down Covid spread.

For Donald though, too much to ask,

The image destroys his street cred.


Though Trump still has Barr on his side,

Republican governors bail.

Trump’s proven he’s not qualified

As daily, we all watch him fail.


Trump says he can readily see

That Fauci’s respected and smart.

“But he’s more respected than me!”

Cries Donald, a knife in his heart.


Why isn’t the Donald’s big gut

Respected like Fauci’s big brain?

—For Donald, the unkindest cut—

To think goes against Donald’s grain.


Trump’s proven, to think magically,

When science has shown us the facts,

Is certain to end tragically,

For Covid will seep through the cracks.


So, Trump’s peristalsis has failed

To slow down the Covid 19.

And worse, Europeans prevailed,

Thereby, eructation demeaned.


So Donald is losing his cool,

Reverting to all his old themes.

With Donald as Vladimir’s tool,

We’re coming apart at the seams.