Donald at the Bat – Day 1287, Trump, DeSantis, and Kemp

Day 1287, Trump, DeSantis, and Kemp 


Donald and Ronald and Bryan: Trump and DeSantis and Kemp,  (1)

Leading the battle of Covid, each of them sharp as a shrimp.

Leading a fight that spreads Covid, plowing then sowing the seed,

Opening school, sports, and business, everything Covid will need.


Charging like Pickett and Custer, mounting and crying, “Attack!”

(Once all your men have been slaughtered, there will be no going back.)

Casualty lists are increasing; corpses pile high as the sky,

Looking at all the statistics, something is going awry.


Sports teams are getting infected; they say they were quarantined.

School kids are harder to follow.  Can we be sure they’re all screened?

When you add in anti-maskers, egged on by Trump’s leadership,

And that we’re so slow in testing, our Ship of State’s a deathship.


Scientists said this would happen; Trump did not listen to them.

Donald just cannot stand science; its findings contradict him.

We are the worst on the planet, case numbers and total dead,

Led by a leader who’s touting keeping five words in his head.


Donald and Ronald and Bryan, all rely on Donald’s gut.

Spreading Trump’s GI tract products, out of his gluteal rut.

 Are vaccines coming to save us?  We know these musketeers can’t.

To vaccinate everybody, Trump has to lead, not just rant.


Testing not centrally managed, will vaccination improve?

That all depends on this question: can Donald find a new groove?

The flu pandemic in ’18, lasted into the next year.

What are we doing to change that?  We are still stuck in first gear.


(1)  Ron DeSantis, Governor of Florida.  Bryan Kemp, Governor of Georgia, two conspicuous Trump sycophants, rivaling Mike Pence.