Donald at the Bat – Day 1283, The Donald and Science

Day 1283, The Donald and Science 


The Donald’s in conflict with science,

Our method for finding the truth.

For Donald likes hoodwinking clients

With bullshit like sayers of sooth. (1)


Our doctors tell us that infection

Will follow reopening school.

But Donald rejects such direction

He says, “Dammit!  Fear is MY tool.”


Agreement, though, just is not gelling

Conforming to Trump’s loud demand.

For folks find that facts are compelling,

Facts Trump just cannot understand.


The Donald says, “What’s the attraction

“Of being constrained by the facts?”

For Trump prefers anal extraction;

He’s proven his sphincter is lax.


Trump says when we do Covid testing,

More testing produces disease.

A huge Covid wave is now cresting,

And aided by Trump devotees.


So Donald resorts to distraction,

Deploying his secret police.

He charges the BLM faction

Is threatening order and peace.


But Donald Trump’s disinformation

Is finally not serving him well.

We’re learning he’s sending the nation

Straight down a fast track into hell.


(1)  “Sooth” is an archaic word meaning, “truth” or “reality.”  Hence, a soothsayer speaks the truth and can predict the future accurately.  Now we don’t think so.