Donald at the Bat – Day 1282 (no 1281), Naked Athena

Day 1282, Naked Athena (1) 


The “Naked Athena” did cover her face

To show her awareness of COVID 19.

Did her mask or nakedness seem out of place?

Just what does she symbolize?  What does she mean?


She’s facing an emperor, who wears no clothes.

Their stark confrontation, one hopes will inform.

The goddess has power to inspire with a pose.

She needs no more weapons than her naked form.


The monarch stands naked but not by his will,

An object of ridicule in an old tale.

He’s shown that he lacks any governing skill

And knows the whole world has been watching him fail.


A secret police force can’t cover his faults

With camouflage, tear gas, or covert arrest.

All show that he’s feckless, despite these assaults.

The goddess exposes that he’s still undressed.


Two images, naked, stand off face to face,

One standing in beauty and one, just uncouth.

Athena reveals herself with easy grace.

The emperor thinks tear gas will hide the truth.


Brown uniforms, beatings, (recall Germany?)

An emperor’s naked grab for tyranny?


(1)  In the early morning of July 18, 2020 a naked woman, wearing only a mask and stocking cap, confronted Trump’s DHS “police” line in Portland, Oregon.  She did a few ballet-like poses, then sat in front of them, saying nothing.  After shooting pepper balls at her feet, the DHS “troops” eventually backed away and left.