Donald at the Bat – Day 1280, Monuments to Traitors

Day 1280, Monuments to Traitors 


Why should we put up monuments to traitors to our land,

To men who fought against the principles for which we stand?

They fought, defending slavery: six hundred thousand dead.

So, take them down; memorialize true patriots instead.


Trump’s base is strongest in the states that spawned the Ku Klux Klan,

White folks still wishing for the days when they enforced a ban

On civil rights and voting rights for people who were black.

Does “MAGA” say to them that they might get those old days back?


So, Trump defends the traitors, men who scarred the backs of slaves;

He hopes such praise will win him the approval that he craves;

 His polls are slipping so he turns to men who cracked the whip,

He’s desperate; he flails; we’re watching Donald lose his grip.


Trump mentions Washington and Jefferson: slave owners, too.

Is re-evaluation of these men now overdue?

Should we take down the monuments to founders of our land?

Or still allow the statues of all slave owners to stand?


There are differences ‘twixt founders and the traitors who tear down.

Which ones ought to be honored in the square of your home town?

All men have strengths and weaknesses; all characters have flaws.

Does that excuse the traitors, those who fought for the “Lost cause?”


We know that Trump’s a racist; “birtherism” greased his start.

We see racism lingering in dear old Dixie’s heart.

But should it still be celebrated and memorialized?

Or be regarded as a cancer that must be excised?