Donald at the Bat – Day 1284, Trumpist Flummery

Day 1284, Trumpist Flummery 


With weather hot and summery,

Perhaps we need a summary

Of why the Covid’s spreading fast,

Defying Donald’s flummery.


Does Donald’s sheer audacity,

And moral incapacity,

Account for straying from the truth,

And normalize mendacity?


Or, does lack of intelligence

And failure of due diligence

Make Trump reject expert advice,

Explaining his intransigence?


We see Trump getting grumbly

As his support gets crumbly,

His problems, though, are all his fault,

His leadership, so bumbly.


If you’re a brown minority,

You’re not a Trump priority.

His lust is just for sex and gold

And to abuse authority.


Trump cannot stand the humbling,

As his support is crumbling.

His tweets grow darker, day and night,

Misspelled with fingers stumbling.


Will Donald’s personality

And well-known immorality

Combine to ring the curtain down,

As voters face reality?


And will Trump’s bid for tyranny

And demonstrated calumny

All synergize to do him in,

The wages for his villany?