Donald at the Bat – DAy 1276, How Covid 19 Thinks

Day 1276, How Covid 19 Thinks 


Here’s how the Covid 19 thinks:

It just loves anti-science folks,

For they help Covid as it slinks

Among those who think it’s a hoax.


The anti-science, maskless type,

A person who can’t use his head:

A crowd of them is fertile, ripe,

For virus spread, as Fauci said.


Infect the young as they run wild.

They’ll spread the virus far and wide.

For youth, disease is often mild;

For older folks, it’s homicide.


The Trump supporters, lusty youth,

Both help it spread and replicate.

The Trumpists all resist the truth,

While youth all like to congregate.


And it abhors lucidity,

Those folks whom science can inform.

And it adores stupidity,

Those folks whose gut is where thoughts form.


The anti-vaxxers are its friend

And vaccines are its enemy.

Vaccines cause Covid’s spread to end.

It hopes that you trust alchemy.


So, Covid backs Trump in the fall,

A narcissist, self-aggrandized.

What scares the Covid most of all:

A leader who is organized.