Donald at the Bat – Day 1275, Science Should Not Stand in the Way

Day 1275, Science Should Not Stand in the Way (1) 


A lockdown works; the curve goes flat

And Covid stops its spread.

So, why aren’t we all doing that?

Far fewer would be dead.


Yes, that would work; it would save lives.

But that is not our way.

Through sickness, death, our faith survives.

Who cares what data say?


We can’t admit faith might be wrong

And science might be right.

Believers will all sing along,

‘Til death bids them goodnight.


In Europe now, the socialists

Have flattened Covid’s curve.

But here: No masks!, what Kemp insists; (2)

 Believers never swerve.


Reopen schools and business too;

Keep science at arm’s length.

Ignore experts.  What we must do

Is bow to Donald’s strength.


With Covid, learn to (die) with it.

That’s Donald’s strategy.                           

“He baffled us with his bullshit,”

Will read his eulogy.


(1)  “Science should not stand in the way,” (of reopening schools.)  Kayleigh McEnany, White House spokesperson, July 16, 2020.

(2)  Governor Brian Kemp of Georgia, July 15, 2020.