Donald at the Bat – Day 1274, Donald on the Attack

Day 1274, Donald on the Attack 


The Donald is attacking Joe;

His base believes Trump’s lies.

And that makes Trump feel good, although

Attacks may be unwise.


Joe Biden is an honest guy,

His decency, well-known.

And Donald Trump is known to lie;

He bullshits; people groan.


Trump knows a campaign about him

Is one that he will lose.

Of “competence,” the antonym,

Not someone most would choose.


For Trump has shown he is inept,

And lacks ability

To lead or even to accept



And Donald Trump lacks empathy

For others and their plight.

The world views us with sympathy

And not a little fright.


So Donald must diminish Joe;

Therefore, he has attacked.

The standard ploy for Trump—go low.

This fall, he must be sacked.