Donald at the Bat – Day 1273, Reality Won’t Go Away

Day 1273, Reality Won’t Go Away 


When will the Republicans learn

That their view of science is wrong?

 Do they feel a hemorrhoidal burn,

Reality coming on strong?


To not believe Fauci, but Trump

Has cost tens of thousands of lives.

 Does watching Trump’s poll numbers slump,

Give them a bad case of the hives?


They know Donald Trump is unfit

To be president; that’s for sure.

Afraid he may tweet out a hit,

They swallow his fetid manure.


They watch Donald Trump every day

And try to roll with every punch.

They have to know when they must say,

“Didn’t see it, oops, time for lunch.”


They need Trump’s base voting for them,

So must act as if they support

Each crazy tweet sent out by him.

That’s politics: a lying sport.


Reality won’t go away,

Persisting although it’s denied, (1)

It penetrates like an X ray,

Revealing what you try to hide.


Defending the president’s lies…

A mask worn in futility…

The truth will show through your disguise;

Your problem is reality.


(1)  “Reality is what refuses to go away when you do not believe in it.”  Steven Pinker, June 26, 2006.