Donald at the Bat – Day 1277, No Mask Mandates, Please

Day 1277, No Mask Mandates, Please


The law, in all its majesty,

Should not promote stupidity.

But now a Georgia lawsuit asks,

“Don’t let our mayors mandate masks,”

Though mayors follow sound advice

To battle Covid’s heavy price.


The Governor, that’s Brian Kemp,

His head as empty as a blimp,

Is suing to block mask mandates,

In face of Covid’s rising rates.

He is asserting he’s in charge

Of watching Covid’s toll enlarge.


The mayor of Atlanta said

She wants to cut their toll of dead.

She told her citizens, “Wear masks,”

(Not the most arduous of tasks.)

I’d also note, that she is black,

(The mayor Kemp chose to attack.) (1)


So Brian, Trumpist to the core,

And short of scientific lore,

Asserts that his authority,

As well as his brain’s density,

Tells him the mayor must not act,

And asks the court, “Rule that’s a fact.”


With all the data on her side,

The mayor says, “Let me decide.”

“So what if science says she’s right,”

The governor says it’s his right

To manage Covid Donald’s way:

Just say that it will go away.


(1)  Keisha Lance Bottoms, who has also announced that she and her husband have tested positive for Covid 19.