Donald at the Bat – Day 1269, Trump’s Leadership

Day 1269, Trump’s Leadership 


Trump wants to be the president

But doesn’t want to do the job.

By now it’s surely evident

He craves the plaudits of the mob.


When called to serve in Viet Nam,

Trump ducked responsibility.

The bone spurs dodge smells like a scam.

Was there true disability?


Although for power, silver, gold,

Or keeping taxes from our view,

Then Donald Trump is very bold;

There’s nothing that he will not do.


The Russians helped Trump win last time;

The middle man was Roger Stone.

Was Trump complicit in the crime?

That’s something Roger would have known.


But Roger said he would not flip;

He would not tell us all he knew.

So Roger will not make the trip

To prison, joining Donald’s crew.


For Donald said he would commute

Stone’s sentence, which looks like a bribe.

A quid pro quo for staying mute?

He won’t join Mike, who left the tribe.  (1)


Trump knows how to protect himself;

(He “aced” his mental status test.)

But “tell-all” books fill up the shelf.

The Emperor is now undressed.


(1)  Michael Cohen, who testified about Trump’s payoffs to Stormy Daniels (tat for tit?) and his income tax fraud.  Mike is still in prison.  Paul Manafort is also out, although still under house arrest.