Donald at the Bat – Day 1268, A Scientist’s Brain or Donald’s Gut?

Day 1268, A Scientist’s Brain or Donald’s Gut? 


The country has to learn that Donald simply cannot lead.

He has no scientific knowledge and he does not read.

Coronavirus conflagration: Trump can’t see the fire.

How many more must die before Trump feels the people’s ire?


We all know Donald Trump knows nothing of biology.

We also know that Trump knows nothing of our history.

The 1918 flu pandemic showed that viral spread,

Enhanced by ignorance of science, leaves a mound of dead.


Trump cannot bully Covid 19; viruses don’t care

For anything but natural law, which Covid’s laying bare.

Since Donald’s science education stopped at ignorance,

He can’t examine data and discern significance.


To hide his taxes, Donald’s lawyers can run out the clock;

Through bluster laced with bullshit, he’s not standing in the dock.

But laws of science do not change when Trump perseverates.

Republicans may cower, Covid 19 propagates.


Don’t fear to send your kids to school (for most of them won’t die.)

We must pretend that things are normal; we must live a lie.

So what if you don’t meet the guidelines of the CDC,

Just let our children bring more Covid back to you and me.


Why is it that Republicans still stubbornly defy

Advice from scientific experts and support a guy,

Who bullies, blusters, bullshits, lies, and stokes the fires of hell?

When we deny reality, it never works out well.


We’ve had the plague, the influenza, now Covid 19.

Our scientists are working to develop a vaccine.

‘Til then, trust Fauci’s brain and not the gut of Donald Trump

And act on Fauci’s counsel, not when Donald takes a dump.