Donald at the Bat – Day 1267, Not Above the Law

Day 1267, Not Above the Law 


The president’s not above every law,

Though he may yet run out the clock.

With New York’s DA, it wasn’t a draw

On subpoenas Trump tried to block.


Trump can’t block them all, our highest court said.

He may try to narrow their scope.

So, does this mean Trump has reason to dread?

(The DA is ordering rope.)


Back to lower courts to argue some more

About what the grand jury sees,

The bank and tax fraud in Trump’s rotten core

Will show up in records they seize.


And what Congress wants, they cannot see yet.

They also should narrow their scope.

Trump can’t just say, “No,” so Congress will get

Tax records but not all they hope.


We’ll see Trump’s taxes but not right away

And not before November third.

That’s Trump’s old strategy: stall and delay;

And get final rulings deferred.


Now Donald cannot say, “This too, shall pass.”

With Covid, elections, and court-

Reality’s biting Trump on his ass:

Three problems he cannot abort.