Donald at the Bat – Day 1266, Obamacare and Contraception

Day 1266, Obamacare and Contraception


If you do not support contraception,

Basing that on religious objection,

Then here’s what you may do:

Tell employees, “Screw you;

“Just accept all the fruits of erection.”


The Supremes ruled Obama’s insurance

On your birth control lacks full assurance.

Employers, litigious

Because they’re religious,

May opt out; seven voted concurrence.


We all know Donald’s motive for suing,

For the most part, is just aimed at screwing

Barack’s legislation

And, Trump hopes, cremation.

It’s a motive he won’t stop pursuing.


So, with Donald Trump bent on obstruction

Obama’s legislative production,

In the rest of the year,

We have reason to fear

He will sue for its total destruction.