Donald at the Bat – Day 1271, Trump Puts Out a Hit on Fauci

Day 1271, Trump Puts Out a Hit on Fauci 


Poor Donald is jealous of Tony;

He says Fauci’s not always right.

The public knows Trump is a phony,

Ten thousand examples to cite.


What Anthony knows of infection

Exceeds Donald Trump by a mile.

The Trump expertise: misdirection;

Adherence to facts not his style.


The White House has put out a listing:

Mistakes Tony Fauci has made,

While no one there has been resisting

False chloroquine claims Donald made.


We know Donald does not like science.

—As data flows in, change your mind—

And those who support Trump’s defiance

Are getting much harder to find.


As more and more people keep dying

And Trump says we’re slowing the rate,

The data show Donald is lying

And Tony asks, “How is that great?”


Now Trump says, “For this fall semester,

“We must put the kids back in school.”

But Fauci continues to pester;

Will Covid use students as fuel?


So Donald has thrown one more tantrum.

“How dare scientists disagree?

“They ulcerate my gastric antrum. (1)

“Why did Covid happen to me?”


(1)  A part of the stomach where ulcers are common.  (Not everyone knows this.)