Donald at the Bat – Day 1261, Rejected (parody of ‘Star Spangled Banner’)

Day 1261, Rejected


We might be infected

So we were rejected.

The EU has told us, we should stay here.

Stupidity flaunted

Has made us unwanted,

A nation diseased, that all others fear.


We’ve spread too much virus

Because we’re desirous

Of complete freedom to have things our way.

The health of our neighbor

Is not worth the labor

Of wearing a mask to keep Covid away.


We’re so atavistic,

Now a grim statistic:

Worst in the world in new cases and death.

The Trumpist defiance

Of data and science

Accepted like sheep, brings on our last breath.


How can we recover?

Concern for our brother

Must rise to equal concern for ourselves.

We’re still segregated;

It’s not complicated.

We must shove hate onto history’s bookshelves.


Now Covid’s exposing

That we’re only posing

As “land of the free and home of the brave.”  (1)

The clear implication:

We’re still not one nation.

The price for too many: an early grave.


(1)  From “The Star Spangled Banner,” by Francis Scott Key, written on September 14, 1814, about the defense of Fort McHenry in Baltimore harbor from British bombardment.  The familiar melody was already in existence: written by John Stafford Smith, about 1773.