Donald at the Bat – Day 1260, “The Virus Will Just Disappear”

Day 1260, “The Virus Will Just Disappear.”


Trump has not studied evolution;

Covid knows it well.

And by its random execution,

It gives Donald hell.

By just mutation and selection,

It spreads everywhere.

If it costs Donald’s re-election,

Covid does not care.


Trump has been saying, Covid 19

Will just go away,

Like influenza, 1919,

Independence Day. (1)

But Covid 19 has no reason

To just disappear.

It replicates in every season,

On our earthly sphere.


The virus seems to know the science,

To which Trump is blind.

Mutate, select, Covid’s reliance,

Trump can’t change his mind.

 All experts tell us, “Keep your distance

“And please wear a mask,”

Advice provoking Trump’s resistance,

Masks too much to ask.


So Covid 19 keeps on spreading,

Replicating more.

With all the Covid that we’re shedding,

We will lose this war.

You don’t have to be symptomatic

To aid Covid’s spread.

And, Covid is so democratic,

Young and old are dead.


So now the Covid conflagration’s

Existential threat,

Makes Trump’s words bovine defecations,

(Use the epithet.)

Our Covid growth is exponential;

Does that make us great?

For whom we vote is consequential;

We deserve our fate.


(1)  Look up the graphs of fatalities from the 1918 influenza.