Donald at the Bat – Day 126 (no 1263), Donald’s Intelligence

Day 1264, Donald’s Intelligence 


Do 99% of Covid cases cause no harm?  (1)

Should 99% of Donald’s statements cause alarm?

About a fifth of Covid cases are hospitalized.

In almost all of Donald’s statements, lies are undisguised.


Now Trump has shown us he knows little of virology.

And he knows even less of epidemiology.

Or, pick a subject—history—the Donald has no clue.

Go shine a light in Donald’s ear, the beam will shine straight through.


Dishonesty, incompetence, and lack of empathy,                                        

The world’s view of the USA, disgust and sympathy.

We lead the world in Covid cases and mortality,

Since Trump lives in a world of alternate reality.


Trump ranks his peristalsis higher than intelligence.

So facts contrary to his gut provoke belligerence.

Then add to that the Russian sewage in which Trump’s immersed,

Trump won’t do anything until he checks with Putin first.


For Putin seems to have the Donald’s jewels in a vise.

Is that why Donald always calls up Putin for advice?

The Russian word for what Vlad has on Trump is “Kompromat.”

The “pee tape?”  Big loan guarantees?  It’s clear Trump has been caught.


So Vladimir plays Donald like he was a marionette,

Or a fish wriggling on a hook, or caught up in a net.

If you’ve grown weary of obeisance to Vlad Putin’s word:

Go register and vote for Biden on November third.


Folks still believing Donald just defy analysis.

Their mental faculties must suffer from paralysis.

Their cerebral fatuity, heartbreaking to observe,

May yet give Donald one more term.  Is that what we deserve?


(1)  Donald Trump statement on July 4, 2020.