Donald at the Bat – Day 1257, Freedom vs Responsibility

Day 1257, Freedom vs. Responsibility 


With Covid 19 spreading everyplace,

Since masks reduce transmissibility,

Does what you don’t or do put on your face

Cry, “Freedom!” or, “Responsibility!?”


You must wear seatbelts and you cannot speed

Or drink too much, then go and drive your car,

Restrictions all society must heed

When anybody staggers from a bar.


If you go down in mines to dig for coal,

You wear a mask to stop black lung disease.

Again, it’s not a question of control

But safety, nearly everyone agrees.


Now, with the spread of virus critical,

To show there’s no advice he won’t defy,

The Donald has made masks political.

Guess what?  The laws of nature still apply.


The stubbornness of Trump, by now, well-known,

The sycophancy of his staff as well:

A synergism scientists bemoan,

For they predict descent straight down to hell.


The spread of Covid shows that Donald failed.

While foreign leaders have shown what to do;

They were decisive while the Donald flailed

And stirred his base by ranting at “Kung Flu.”


The bill for Trump’s inaction has come due,

For Donald, natural law applies to you.