Donald at the Bat – Day 1256, Donald’s Covid Task Force (parody to “Home on the Range”)

Day 1256, Donald’s Covid Task Force (1) 


Donald’s Covid Task Force

Led by Mike Pence, of course,

Met the press; it was long overdue.

If you thought you’d have heard

A discouraging word,

What he said could not be more untrue.


Chorus: “Thanks to Donald Trump,

“I have good news to tell you today.

“What you’ve seen and you’ve heard,

“Make my words seem absurd

“But that’s what I’ve been ordered to say.”


“We had flattened the curve

“But a recent, big swerve

“Drove new cases to their highest peak.

“But through Trump’s leadership

“We’re sure this blip will flip.

“ Do not panic, it’s just one bad week.”


Chorus: “Thanks to Donald Trump,

“Covid 19 will have a short run.

“With the Covid 19

“Fading fast from the scene,

“All our futures are bright as the sun.”


“From the news that you get,

“Bad examples we set,

“As, in spite of what scientists ask,

“All the data denied,

“All the experts defied,

“Please our base, so we won’t wear a mask.”


Chorus: “Thanks to Donald Trump,

“The economy’s now back on track.

“Though we see virus spread,

“There is no cause for dread.

“Donald Trump will bring us safely back.”


(1)  May be sung to Home on the Range.  Lyrics by Dr. Brewster Higley, 1872,  melody by Daniel Kelley.  Adopted as the state song of Kansas, 1947.  There are dozens of recordings, mostly by country music artists.