Donald at the Bat – Day 1255, Mike Pence Task Force Briefing

Day 1255, Mike Pence Task Force Briefing 


Mike Pence just gave a briefing on the Covid 19 surge.

He tried to water down the facts but they would not submerge.

Obligatory praise of Donald Trump this time fell flat.

We’ve not controlled the spread; it’s getting worse; we all know that.


Pence would not tell us, “Wear a mask.”  He knows that Donald won’t.

All experts recommend it, so Trump won’t, as is his wont.

Trump thinks the wearing of a mask means you’re disrespecting him.

He’s sticking with denial, though infection rates are grim.


So Mike and Donald publically are not seen in a mask.

Respecting their own task force seems to be too much to ask.

They set a bad example and when questioned on this fact,

Pence can’t oppose the Donald; he’s afraid he’ll be attacked.


Instead of saying, “Wear a mask,” Pence asked us all to pray.

Before Trump, Pence, down on his knees, can never tell him, “Nay.”

Back in the fourteenth century, for plague, prayer did not work.

Nor for the 1918 flu; disease still ran berserk.


The Pence defense of masklessness, pathetic on its face:

“Free speech and free assembly” may be swallowed by Trump’s base. (1)

But what of “general welfare” and responsibility? (2)

Should this be trumped by Donald Trump’s abject stupidity?


Review the Donald’s education in Biology.

Oh, wait, he ain’t got any, also no Theology.

No morals, ethics, science when confronted with a task.

It’s really no surprise that Donald Trump won’t wear a mask.


And now, a further outrage: Trump is asking our “Supremes”

To overturn the ACA, while Covid spreads, which seems

To be unfeeling cruelty mixed with absurdity.

Denying health care to the poor right now…depravity.


(1)  The Constitution, First Amendment

(2)  The Constitution, Preamble