Donald at the Bat – Day 1254, The Path to Autocracy

Day 1254, The Path to Autocracy 


Preserve the “Lost Cause” monuments, while spreading more disease,

Trump’s re-election strategy, dementia by degrees.

He says he’ll dominate the streets, still wants to build a wall,

Though all the polls are saying he must change or lose it all.


He still appeals to bigots, to the selfish and the slow.

Since Trump has their votes anyway, why keep his aim so low,

Grab women by the pussy, and condemn Planned Parenthood?

That may be his true character; perhaps he’s no damn good.


It’s clear that Trump is over matched; he’s not up to the job.

His wife wears costly clothing; he’s an intellectual slob.

He alienates our allies, loses friends, embraces foes,

To enemies and friends, an emperor without his clothes.


We’ve lost worldwide respect and the pandemic virus here

Will not obey the Donald; doctors told us, loud and clear.

No one respects the Donald but the bigots and the slow.

We simply must dump Donald; if we don’t, guess where we go?


The Donald’s teaching us a lesson in democracy.

If it’s not nurtured, it may slide into autocracy.

The skill to get elected: not the same as governing,

As, after Trump’s election, we are all discovering.


To win elections, tell the people what they want to hear

And gerrymander and suppress the voters that you fear.

So you select your voters, they are not selecting you.

You won’t need a majority of all: two fifths will do.


Solidify your power; put in judges on your side,

Who will rule in your favor if your henchmen should get tried.

And, if you get the right ones, then your criminality

Will simply be ignored because you have their loyalty.


And, years from now, our grandkids toiling ‘neath the autocrat,

Will ask themselves, “How could they let him get away with that?”