Donald at the Bat – Day 1253, Coronavirus is Back in the News

Day 1253, Coronavirus is Back in the News 


Coronavirus is back in the news;

Folks are deciding they blew it to choose

Donald as president, since he can’t lead.

It took disaster to recognize clues.


Clear as a bell that the Donald can’t lead,

Clear if you watch TV news or still read,

Those sticking with Trump; now they’re getting sick.

Data against them: they still won’t concede.


Donald’s supporters are now getting sick,

Defying experts, some dumb as a brick.

Because their leader just “goes with his gut,”

He needs a base that is easy to trick.


The borborygmi of Donald Trump’s gut,

Can’t process data, his brain has slammed shut.

Coronavirus is back in the news.

Follow Trump’s gut and get kicked in the butt.


You might have learned, if you follow the news,

States that were hit first were mostly big “blues.”

They listened to experts; new cases fell,

Advice that the “red” states just would not use.


“Blues” followed the experts; new cases fell.

“Reds,” following Donald, didn’t work well,

Ignoring prevention caused more disease, (1)

Ignoring the experts, sure pathway to hell.


(1)  “We cannot let the cure be worse than the problem itself.”  Donald Trump, May 23, 2020,  used as an excuse to open businesses early.  Oops.